Krivak & Co

Corporate law


We would be happy to become your company's "house doctor".

Our legal services cover all aspects of a company’s journey. We assist you with setting up your company, making any changes such as modifying the founding documents, altering the ownership structure, transferring business shares, increasing or decreasing the share capital, and terminating or liquidating your company. We also help you with debt recovery and offer reliable legal services in bankruptcy law.

We provide guidance to clients in their business activities and are ready to handle both routine and extraordinary legal situations. In collaboration with tax experts and auditors, we can solve any issues. This includes setting up contractual relations with partners and suppliers, organizing internal company affairs, adjusting relations with state authorities and municipalities.

We will also make sure your company follows the legal rules that apply to it. This mainly includes the areas of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), AML (Anti-money laundering in the sense of the Act on protection against the legalization of income from criminal activity and protection against the financing of terrorism), RPSP and LEE (registration of companies doing business with the state in the Register of public sector partners and in the List of economic entities) and transfer pricing (documentation covering transactions between related parties).

We will provide a seat for your company with an address in Bratislava - Old Town and related services, especially managing an electronic mailbox and receiving letters.