Krivak & Co

About us


We are a team of highly experienced lawyers who deeply value justice.

The law firm Krivak & Co. was established by Martin Krivák in 1996 to provide genuinely excellent legal services combining expertise, fairness, and an individual approach to every case.
Thanks to his work on high-profile cases, Martin quickly gained experience and became recognized for his sector-leading expertise.

We all consider it essential that our clients are offered extremely professional and fair legal services. Lawyers at Krivak & Co. can look back at numerous significant and successful legal cases. We constantly follow new developments in law, extend our knowledge and attend legal seminars and conferences.

We are particularly proud of our professionalism and the first-class quality of our services. We hold human rights, freedom, the rule of law, democracy, and justice in extremely high regard.


You can find us in Bratislava Old Town near the Blue Church




We may all enjoy good health, education, a job, and a roof over our heads. However, we know this is not a daily reality for everybody.

We wish to share these privileges