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Peter Krivák


Having earned my degree from the Law Faculty at Comenius University in Bratislava, I embarked on my legal journey by joining the ranks of the police force as an investigator. My role included membership in a specialized team formed under the purview of the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic dedicated to combatting exceptionally grave criminal offenses. My expertise spans the spectrum of criminal procedure, encompassing preliminary investigations and court proceedings, along with a comprehensive grasp of the internal protocols governing the management of police investigative units.

During the merger of the Tax Administration and the Customs Administration as part of the UNITAS project, I served as a team member under the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic and the president of the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic. My role extended to active involvement in the legislative procedures that defined the responsibilities of the newly established divisions within the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic.

Serving as the first director of the Criminal Office of Financial Administration, I was instrumental in defining the capabilities necessary for an effective campaign against tax and customs fraud within the framework of the office's legislative processes. As a result, I am well-versed in the protocols governing tax and customs inspections carried out by the administrative entities of the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic.

My legal career spans 22 years of practice.

Over the years, I've spearheaded numerous victorious court cases, within the realm of both criminal proceedings and litigation.

Rather than viewing my legal acumen in various domains as an advantage, I perceive it as a fundamental aspect of my profession.

As a lawyer, I take pride in my commitment to relentlessly pursuing justice and adhering to all legal processes to secure it, even if this entails sacrificing popularity.

I approach clients' challenges with a fresh perspective, enabling me to uncover the most suitable legal remedies. I aim to function as my client's legal advisor, emphasizing preventative actions that can alleviate potential legal troubles. This approach ensures that clients can navigate legal matters with confidence in their legal representative.


Criminal law, Tax and financial law, Commercial law and company law, Bankruptcy restructuring, Litigation agenda