Krivak & Co

Martina Palušková


"A good attorney is able to understand the problem, find a solution, and convince everyone that it is the right solution."

I studied law at the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava and then finance, banking and investments at the Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica.

I started working as a lawyer at the General Directorate of the Railways of the Slovak Republic. Over nine years of working there, I gained extensive experience with public procurement, information technology law, the creation of many different types of contracts, and litigation. I was involved in drafting tender documents, and as a member of the tender evaluation committee I evaluated numerous railway infrastructure modernization projects, construction supervision service contracts, and information and communication technology supply contracts funded by the EU. I've effectively taken the helm in numerous court cases involving the challenge of administrative body decisions on their legality.

My association with Krivak & Co began in February 2020, where I've carved out a niche in public procurement. My expertise spans handling litigation against decisions issued by the Office for Public Procurement, encompassing matters like fines, administrative penalties, and contract drafting. Throughout my tenure at the firm, I've delivered outstanding outcomes for our clients in both the realm of public procurement and administrative sanctions.

What I consider to be my strength as a lawyer is my high level of logical and analytical , the ability to come up with creative solutions, excellent argumentation skills, and the ability to draft very convincing and readable texts.


Public procurement, administrative law, administrative offense and penalty, contract law