Krivak & Co

Daniela Hrušovská


I am a student in the last year of the master’s program at the Faculty of Law at the University of Trnava in Trnava (Slovakia). I served as a vice-chairwoman of the Student Council of the University of Trnava and became involved in the Academic Senate of the University of Trnava during the first years of my university program. Since 2022, I have been active in the Student Council for Higher Education, where I represent my university and help develop and harmonize internal regulations on the Legal Board. My engagement and activities resulted in the Rector’s Award for promoting the development and spreading the good reputation of the faculty and university in 2023. 

I entered the legal profession as a paralegal in June 2022 and obtained my first experience in commercial and labor law. As an assistant at the Human Rights League, I provided legal aid to persons who left Ukraine.

I think that good lawyers should rely not only on their expertise but also on a set of values that reflect their moral principles and soft skills. To help develop the latter, I participated in an education program at the Anti-Corruption Academy, which opened the door to the non-profit organization ‘Stop Corruption’ in 2021, where I helped develop various projects and campaigns on a volunteer basis. I also completed a one-year residential internship program at Courtyard Campus (SK: Nádvorie Kampus), where I could informally improve diverse soft skills such as project management, critical thinking, and facilitation while being intensively supported by my mentor. 

The lawyers at Krivak & Co. focus not only on their expertise and professionalism but also on values such as fairness and honesty. Therefore, it was a particular pleasure for me to become part of this legal team.