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We've had hundreds of cases and each of them left its mark in the library of our experience

  • Legal advice and legal representation before the Public Procurement Office in public procurements for public passenger transport worth more than EUR 500,000,000  
  • Legal advice, including the processing of contractual documentation in public procurement for municipal services worth EUR 60,000,000 
  • Legal representation in disputes over determining the invalidity of a contract worth EUR 80,000,000
  • Legal representation in disputes regarding the review of the legality of the decisions of the Public Procurement Office on the imposition of a fine for an administrative offense in the amount of more than EUR 3,000,000 
  • Legal advice in proceedings conducted by the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic on the oversight of public procurement with the risk of imposition of corrections in the value of more than EUR 5,000,000
Credit and collateral documents for syndicated or club transactions
  • A syndicated loan arranged by HSBC Bank plc., a foreign bank branch, amounting to EUR 150,000,000
  • A syndicated loan arranged by Citibank Europe plc., a foreign bank branch, amounting to EUR 85,000,000
  • A syndicated loan arranged by Tatrabanka, a.s. amounting to nearly EUR 138,000,000
  • A syndicated loan arranged by Citibank Europe plc., a foreign bank branch, amounting to EUR 59,500,000
  • A club loan arranged by Tatrabanka, a.s. amounting to EUR 39,900,000
Credit and collateral documents for bilateral transactions
  • Documents for structured secured financing provided by HSBC Bank plc., a foreign bank branch, amounting to EUR 12,000,000 in connection with a receivable assignment transaction
  • Documents for financing provided by ING Bank N.V., a foreign bank branch, amounting to EUR 30,000,000 with specific characteristics of international private law in connection with a lien on movable property
  • Documents for project financing provided by Komerčnibanka, a.s., a foreign bank branch, amounting to EUR 26,000,000
  • Documents for the amortized financing of nearly EUR 11,7750,000 EUR provided by the International Investment Bank to a Slovak client
Standard and template documents for banks and securities traders
  • Standard credit and collateral documents for ING Bank N.V., a foreign bank branch
  • A framework contract on provision of investment services, general investment terms and conditions and other standard form MIFID based documents for X-TRADE BROKERS DOM MAKLERSKI SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA, organizational unit
  • A standard framework agreement on credit risk sub-participation for Poštová banka, a.s.
Licensing process and financial institutions' compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Establishment of a passported branch of the foreign securities trader X- RADE BROKERS DOM MAKLERSKI SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA in Slovakia and further advice on regulated activities in the SR (compliance, AML, inspection and proceedings at the Personal Data Protection Office)
  • Specific issues of payment institutions, cash processing, ATMs, electronic money and various other issues related to the Payment Services Act (ATM Point, s.r.o., SPPS, a.s.)
  • Prospectuses of Czech income certificates and their passporting to Slovakia (J&T Banka, a.s.)
  • Preparation and update of the action plan of the obliged entity within the meaning of Act no. 297/2008 Coll. on the Prevention of Legalization of Proceeds of Crime and Terrorism Financing (Anti-Money Laundering Programmes)
  • Proceedings before the National Bank of Slovakia, the Personal Data Protection Office and the Financial Intelligence Unit
Financial consumer protection
  • Responses to complaints of financial consumers and related proceedings initiated by consumer protection associations, or proceedings before the regulator (Slovenskásporiteľňa, X-Trade Brokers, ING Bank N.V.)
Risk assessment analyses
  • Legal risks associated with financing secured by real estate that was subject to vexatious litigation
  • Risks associated with a credit risk transfer by silent sub-participation
  • Advice on setting up companies, creation of shareholder agreements and business associate agreements
  • Associate claim settlement, termination of associate's participation in the business
  • Limited liability to joint stock company transformations
  • Supply and purchase contracts, sales representation agreements, brokerage agreements, mandate agreements
  • Privatization of Slovenská sporiteľňa, the largest state-owned bank, and related legal advice provided to their Board of Directors at all stages of the privatization process
  • Sale of shares of the Slovak airline Air Slovakia, s.r.o. to a foreign investor
  • Acquisition of Slovakian Airlines, a.s. by a foreign investor
  • Unbundling and selling of Skylink
  • Preparation of legal due diligence prior to the acquisition of DigiSport TV
  • Representing the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic in about 35 disputes related to the case of 34% share ownership of Transpetrol, a.s.
  • Representing the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic in a dispute initiated by Slovenské elektrárne a.s. over the payment of nearly EUR 100,000,000 in connection with the electricity price regulation
  • Representing Slovenská sporiteľña, a.s. in a claim for damages of EUR 10,000,000 initiated by a bank's former client in connection with the provision of binding financing
  • Representing the shareholders of the energy company KOMPALA, a.s. in a series of disputes initiated by former minority shareholders with, a total disputed value of a few million euros
  • Representation in a claim for damages for the damage caused by a larger oil company in connection with their seismic surveys, including the difficult successful proving of the causal connection
  • Representing a Hong-Kong based company in a claim for damages of EUR 2,225,000 on grounds of damage caused by a Slovak air carrier due to their breach of contract
  • Representing Export-Import Bank of the Slovak Republic in an incidental dispute concerning the determination of a receivable of EUR 6,498,720.59
  • Disputes relating to consumer rights, in particular the invalidity of general business terms and conditions of insurance companies
  • Representing the Slovak Republic in a receivable claim of USD 78,000,000 as part of insolvency proceedings and legal representation in related proceedings pending at commercial courts in Russia
  • Representing the Export-Import Bank of the Slovak Republic in claiming a secured receivable of EUR 7,400,195 subject to restructuring
  • Representing the Export-Import Bank of the Slovak Republic in claiming a secured receivable of EUR 7,706,941 subject to restructuring and bankruptcy procedure; representing in the creditors' committee
  • Representing Erste Group Bank AG in claiming an unsecured receivable of EUR 3,249,159 subject to restructuring and bankruptcy procedure; representing in the creditors' committee
  • Preparation of documents for personal bankruptcies of natural persons
  • Advice for creditors and debtors in enforcement and debt discharge
  • Acting as an Authorized Person on behalf of large multinational corporations (CitibankEuropePlc., Citigroup Global Markets Limited, Sev.en EC, a.s., Emerson Process Management, TÜV NORD) for the purposes of their registration in the Register of Public Sector Partners
  • Representing clients in proceedings initiated by the Personal Data Protection Office due to compliance deficiencies identified by the authority during their on-the-spot checks of supervised persons
  • Representing clients in proceedings before the Slovak Trade Inspection
  • Representing clients in the building permit procedure
  • Transfer of rights and obligations under labour relations; obligations of employers under Section 29 of the Labour Code; contracts for the transfer of tasks and activities
  • Representing a multinational corporation in a dispute over employment termination invalidity
  • Employment termination agreements with senior managerial staff
  • Settlements of disputes between employees and employers related to alleged employment termination invalidity
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Application of legal remedies against unfair competition
  • Licensing agreements, software development contracts, contracts with performing artists
  • Contracts for website development using WordPress templates
  • Trademark registration
  • Registration of patents, utility models and designs
  • Managing the exercise of property rights
  • Addressing legal issues in relation to works created by employees
  • House building contracts, real estate reconstruction contracts, construction supervision mandate agreements
  • Contracts of sale, donation, exchange and reservation of apartments, houses and agricultural land
  • Precontracts (for development projects)
  • Security agreements for real estate; easement agreements
  • Real estate lease and use agreements
  • Representing at meetings of apartment and non-residential premises owners
  • Agreements on changing co-ownership shares in common apartment house premises and facilities
  • Exercising legal claims arising from defects in acquired real estate
  • Protection of property ownership related rights
  • Solving frequent neighbourly disputes
  • Real estate co-ownership settlement
  • Solving selected problems in zoning, building permission and acceptance proceedings
  • Filing of restitution claims
  • Revision of procedures of information system operators to ensure compliance with the new personal data protection act harmonized with GDPR
  • Elaboration or review of the consent to processing of personal data
  • Data processing agreements (agreements with processors in compliance with the new law and GDPR)
  • Divorce proceedings - from filing a motion for divorce, to representation in court, to property settlement
  • Marital property settlement agreements
  • Counselling for parents with regards to any change in parental rights and obligations towards minors, establishment, increase or reduction of child support and regulation of parental contact with minors by means of mutual agreements
  • Representing in the courts in matters of custody of minors
  • Advice on alimony to the divorced spouses and maintenance of single mothers and representing in court proceedings
  • Representing in court in proceedings to deny paternity or to establish maternity or paternity
  • Representing in inheritance proceedings, processing of wills and deeds of disinheritance