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Scholarship programme


“I’d be happy if our programme had 100 students”JUDr. Martin Krivák

The aim of the project is to support talented children from single parent or socially disadvantaged families in Slovakia and help them to successfully complete their primary and secondary education or art schools with good grades. We want to empower especially (but not exclusively) Roma children to see their potential and give them a chance for a better life.

The project was initiated and is now sponsored by Martin Krivák. He was inspired by the work of Ida Kelarova. The rest of our team also got excited about the project. Especially after we met Mrs. Ida and the children from Čhavorenge ensemble and felt their energy, talents and determination.

We believe that the education these young people get with our help and support will improve their chances for a better life. This will show others with similar fates that they can choose a different life.

The scholarship is intended mainly for primary and secondary school pupils talented in any way, who are willing to work hard on their education with great dedication, enthusiasm and commitment.

To learn more, please write to us with your questions or send us your motivation letter at: with “Scholarship Programme” as the subject of your message.


We have been blessed with enough health, work, roof over our heads and surplus in our lives

We wish to share these privileges