Krivak & Co

Ida Kelarová


We and Ida share similar values of treating all people equally

Martin Krivák met Ida Kelarová five years ago. He got excited about Ida’s work and charmed by the energy of predominantly Roma children  whom “aunt Ida” leads to a better life. Ever since then, Martin has been helping Ida with some of her projects, be it financially or with a legal advice.

In March 2017, Krivak & Co, in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy and Ambassador Inga Magistad, organized the Slovak premiere of the successful Czech documentary “Ida’s idea”. Guests were deeply moved by the document and excited about Ida Kelarova’s work. Many of them have promised support for her projects.

In November 2017, Čhavorenge children’s ensemble led by Ida Kelarová performed in Bratislava. Krivak & Co invited 60 guests to this concert and organized a small reception at the Dobre&Dobre Café after the concert.


We have been blessed with enough health, work, roof over our heads and surplus in our lives

We wish to share these privileges